Why are Women so Obsessed with Jewellery?

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Whether it’s a treasured heirloom or a piece of cheap-and-cheerful bling, there aren’t many women who don’t love jewellery.

From candy necklaces and lollipop rings to irresistible clip-on earrings, accessories of every shape, size and material have embellished most of our childhoods. Even when we leave our teenage years - most of which are peppered with homemade friendship bracelets - this jewellery obsession rarely diminishes.
After all, the current trend for stacking is more than a little reminiscent of afternoons spent playing dress-up; raiding your mother’s jewellery box and piling on as many baubles as possible while tottering around on a pair of stolen heels.

So why do women love jewellery so much?
There is no denying that jewellery is a very important extension of your wardrobe and, although small in stature, the additional adornments we wear send a big message.

Whether you like delicate jewels or bold bangles, every piece exaggerates your personal style. The trend for super-sized accessories may have taken the high street by storm, but the truth is that even fans of minimalism make a statement with their jewellery choices.

Few or plentiful, together these individual ornaments paint a restrained picture of self-expression - elegant, adventurous, traditional or downright quirky.
Jewellery can also give your outfit an instant update by adding a pop of colour, a touch of luxury or a hint of sparkle, all without breaking the bank. Investing in the latest runway craze can be pricey, but slip on a trend-heavy keepsake and voilà - you’re channeling high fashion for a fraction of the cost.

No one can deny that the material value of quality trinkets also plays a significant part in their appeal. Jewellery has historically been an outward symbol of wealth, class or social status. If you’re wearing a pearl necklace or a pair of diamond earrings, whether they’re real or fake, they’ll be perceived as expensive, rare and lavish.

Diamond rings at Charles Fish

For all these reasons, and the simple fact that a great adornment is personal, pretty and precious, jewellery makes the perfect gift. When sentiment or romance is added, even the most budget friendly jewels are transformed into a transportable memory and physical embodiment of love or friendship.

Not only is jewellery a pleasure to choose, wear and covet, but it’s also sentimental, opulent, sensual, valuable and extremely indicative of our tastes. No wonder we love it!

Jewellery always makes the perfect present, so why not treat yourself to an exceptional accessory from the Charles Fish collection.

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